An important analytical metric in the area of mobile marketing is not only the total number of mobile application downloads, but also the knowledge about the origin of these downloads. Mobile application developers, advertisers and marketers usually want to know which advertising campaign caused the user to download a mobile application. For instance, the origins of such downloads can be websites, social networks or classic billboard advertisements, featuring a link to download an application in the application stores.

Marketing campaigns featuring a mobile application often use social media websites like Facebook or Twitter to provide a link to the mobile application that should be promoted, referring users to one of the platform-specific mobile application stores. After clicking the referral link, users get redirected to the mobile application store, where they can purchase and download the promoted mobile application. However, using a direct referral link, there is no possibility to gather any identifying information about the user that was referred to the store.

The following example gives a general overview of our proposed workflow that makes it possible to identify a user before arrival to the platform-specific application store and to determine if a user actually installed a mobile application after being referred by a specific marketing campaign.




2013 A. Schuch, C. Holzmann, F. Lettner – A Method for Mobile Download Conversion Rate Measurement based on Device Fingerprinting – Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Advances in Mobile Computing and Multimedia (MoMM2013), Vienna, Austria, 2013. [acm] [pdf]


Alexander Schuch*, Clemens Holzmann, Florian Lettner
Department of Mobile Computing, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Austria
clemens.holzmann [at]

* … student in the Bachelor’s degree programme Mobile Computing