In the current economic climate with cutbacks in care and social wellbeing, we are witness of a social innovation process where citizens and older people are taking control of their own community and neighborhood and support each other to provide for wellbeing and care services. When older people are becoming frailer and are in need of care, they can receive extensive support from these communities. At the same time, older people (65+) are often the most active contributors to their community, as they see the imminent need for a more sustainable care and wellbeing system. This project aims to support and promote these social innovation processes of citizen empowerment by bringing innovative technological solutions together and providing for a toolkit with best practices and blue prints for implementation. The project will test and pilot the social and technological solutions in two pilot countries, adapting them to country-specific situations and areas.

Duration: 05/2015 – 12/2017

Funding: Active and Assisted Living Programme 7th Call, FFG

Role: Technical project lead

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