In September 2013, the privately run Museum Angerlehner in Thalheim near Wels opened its doors. It contains an exhibition area of more than 2,000 square meters as well as a 50-meter long viewable depot with a hanging area of 6,000 square metres which offers insights into the diversity of the collection. In an R&D project, which started in October 2013, our goal is to develop an innovative art education concept for mobile devices together with the museum staff. It should result in a prototype of an interactive museum guide for smartphones and tablet computers, which runs on all common mobile platforms and allows visitors to get additional information about exhibits or to perform self-guided tours through the museum. A main focus will be on the flexible composition of interactive and multimedia contents to new museum tours, which for instance should allow schoolteachers to create their own tours with specific contents for pupils. The recognition of exhibits will be based on computer vision techniques.