We got 2 papers accepted for the 16th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services (MobileHCI 2014)! Both papers have been written in the course of the project AUToMAte.

In the full paper Mobile Interaction Analysis: Towards a Novel Concept for Interaction Sequence Mining, we describe a novel approach for automatically associating the usage of a mobile application with predefined user tasks (e.g. writing an email), based on logged user interactions like the order of visited pages and the time spent on each page. This lays the foundation for calculating usability metrics such as the effectiveness, efficiency or error rate of a task, or to find out where users have issues executing a task, without having to observe them in the course of controlled lab experiments. A more detailed description of this work can be found in the research section of this website.

In the industrial case studies paper Logging and Visualization of Touch Interactions on Teach Pendants, we present a software solution for the acquisition and visualization of user interaction data on teach pendants, which are handheld terminals for teaching robot positions. Interaction data include touch coordinates and navigation sequences, and they are visualized with a heatmap and a graph view, respectively. The painless integration of our software by manufacturers, together with the automated recording and visualisation of user interactions, allows for cost-efficient usability analysis of handheld terminals. For this work, which has been carried out in cooperation with the electronics company KEBA AG, we built on our software framework for aspect-oriented interaction logging in mobile apps.

MobileHCI is the world’s leading conference in the field of human computer interaction concerned with portable and personal devices and with the services to which they enable access. MobileHCI provides a multidisciplinary forum for academics, hardware and software developers, designers and practitioners to discuss the challenges and potential solutions for effective interaction with and through mobile devices, applications, and services. The conference proceedings will be published by ACM.