At this year’s Gmunden Retreat on NeuroIS, which took place from June 5-7 in Gmunden, Austria, Werner Wetzlinger, Andreas Auinger and Harald Kindermann from the FH OÖ Campus Steyr presented ideas for combining interaction data with eye tracking data at the poster session of the conference. In their paper “Using eye tracking glasses to analyze mobile device interactions”, the features of the new SMI eye tracking glasses, which are used in the AUToMAte project, as well as our general approach of a combined analysis of gaze positions, interactions in mobile applications (e.g. touch positions and gestures) and the context of use (e.g. current location and activity) are described.

NeuroIS is an intriguing subfield within the Information Systems (IS) discipline. The main objective of the annual Gmunden Retreat on NeuroIS is to discuss past achievements, current research and development projects, and possible avenues for the future development of NeuroIS.