Christian Grossauer and Clemens Holzmann attended the Usability Stammtisch Linz on April 7, 2014, where they presented and discussed the general ideas and the current status of the AUToMAte project. A particular focus was on eye tracking with the Pupil Pro eye tracker from Pupil Labs, which supports marker-based tracking of gaze positions in real-time and in natural settings. In the AUToMAte project, this will be used to record and analyze gaze positions of users while they are using a mobile application, together with touch interactions and the current context of use.

The Usability Stammtisch Linz is a regional initiative with more than 60 members by now. It has been founded in 2013, and welcomes all people which are interested in the topics of usability, user experience, interaction design, user studies and evaluations. The goal of this group is to discuss usability and user experience related topics as well as to provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet specialists. Currently, it is located at the Akostart Coworking Area in Linz. Akostart OÖ is an inter-university network for academic startups and spin-offs in Upper Austria, which has been founded by the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.