The project Usability Testing of Mobile Operator Terminals with KEBA AG, which started in August 2013 as a follow-up project for AUToMAte, has been successfully completed. KEBA AG develops and manufactures control systems and mobile terminals for machines and robots, where some of them are already equipped with touch displays (e.g. KeTop T55). The aim of this project was the development of an easy-to-use software prototype for the automated logging and visualization of user interactions on mobile operator terminals.

The following videos demonstrate the implemented software prototype, a more detailed description can be found in the MobileHCI 2014 industrial case studies paper Logging and Visualization of Touch Interactions on Teach Pendants. In the first video, the logging of interaction data on a KeTop T55 handheld terminal is demonstrated. It shows a test run from logging into the system and teaching a robot, to exporting the data to a log file and storing in on a USB drive. For the logging of interaction data, aspect-oriented programming (AOP) was used to cut across UI events that occur in the mobile application.

The second video shows how the logged interaction data is visualized on a PC application. First, the previously logged data is loaded from the USB drive. Several visualizations are demonstrated afterwards, including a heatmap view for representing touch intensities with colours ranging from blue to red, as well as a directed graph for visualizing navigation paths, where the nodes represent diff erent views of the user interface and edges the number of transitions between them.