We got 2 full papers accepted for the 12th International Conference on Advances in Mobile Computing & Multimedia (MoMM 2014)! Both papers have been written in the course of the project AUToMAte.

The paper Multivariate Testing of Native Mobile Applications describes an approach which not only supports A/B testing of native mobile applications, like some other commercial products, but allows for the more flexible multivariate testing of mobile applications. It is based the same mechanisms as A/B testing, but allows to compare a much higher number of variants by combining variations for different sections of the user interface. Our approach works without redeployment of the mobile application in the app store, and thus allows for a seamless integration into the developer’s workflow with low effort for creating and deploying new variants. Information about our previous work on this topic can be found in the research section of this website.

In the paper Mobile Usability Testing Requirements and their Implementation in the Automation Engineering Industry, a methodology to conduct a qualitative requirements for automated usability testing is introduced, and the results of a cross-industry requirements analysis including the fields “e-commerce”, “information system development” and “automation engineering” are presented. Finally, requirements are prioritize and prototypically implemented for the automation engineering industry. This paper has been written in cooperation with the Campus Steyr of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.