A follow-up project with UNITO Versand & Dienstleistungen GmbH has been started for the R&D project AUToMAte. Unito runs some of the biggest e-commerce websites in Austria (www.quelle.at, www.universal.at, www.ottoversand.at) which are also optimized for different mobile device types (smartphones, tablets). The aim of the project is to analyze the usability of these m-commerce sites on smartphones. This is done by carrying out user tests using typical m-commerce tasks. Interactions are tracked and additionally mobile eye tracking glasses are used to examine the relations of eye tracking patterns with usability problems. Our project partners at the Campus Steyr of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria will conduct the study at Unito’s site in Salzburg and will also be supported by Unito’s german parent company Baur Versand.