A first version of our software tool for testing the usability of mobile applications, which is currently under development in the R&D project AUToMAte, is now online at this link. The tool logs user interactions and context data while a mobile application is running, aggregates them on a server and visualizes results of an analysis of the data for the application developer. To get an impression of the capabilities of this tool, we created a simple web frontend where some of the data is already visualised; the frontend will be extended with further visualizations in the future. Please consider that the current version is in a pre-alpha stage.

For gathering interaction data of real users, we developed the Funny RSS app. The Funny RSS app is an Android App based on an xkcd comic, which suggests to replace certain (bad/negative) words of news articles with other (funnier/positive) words. The app includes the AUToMAte logging framework, therefore certain information can and will be tracked. The information consists of a variety of different kinds of data, like e.g. the user interactions on widgets, the type of interaction (tap, scale, fling etc.), device information (device type, carrier name, OS information, …) and also some context information (user activity [still, walking, …], language, current location etc.).