We are happy to announce that the first phase of the AUToMAte project, which started in June 2013 and ended in May 2015, has successfully been completed! All project goals have been met according to the funding guidelines of the Austria Research Promotion Agency (FFG) in the Cooperation and Innovation programme (COIN “Aufbau”). One of the goals in the first project phase was to acquire benchmark projects with a total sum of at least 10% of the overall AUToMAte project costs. We achieved this goal and would like to thank 6 Austrian companies in which we are applying research results and implemented software prototypes on automated usability testing to their specific application domains.

Our partner companies, which range from SMEs to large enterprises, are from the sectors automation industry, software development, m-commerce and IT consulting. By working in close cooperation with the AUToMAte team, these companies are able to analyze the user interfaces of their operator terminals or mobile applications with software tools that have been developed in the AUToMAte project, and thus gain new insights on (i) their usage in the field and (ii) how to improve the usability of these interfaces further. More details on interaction visualization and analysis in the automation industry, which has been a main focus of the MINT research group in this project, can be found in the research section of this website.