In a follow-up project for our R&D project AUToMAte, the new emporiaSMART phone developed by emporia Telecom GmbH & Co. KG will be evaluated. This Android-based smartphone, which was introduced at the Mobile World Congress 2015, has been designed to meet the needs of senior citizens and provides several unique features like the removable keyboard cover and a stylus for text input.

We will test the emporiaSMART phone in the field with selected participants using an adapted version of our AUToMAte tool. Among traditional metrics like language, location and carrier information, the navigation flow between the various screens of the phone as well as the performed interactions on each of these screens will be tracked. Based on this data, the user behavior will be visualized for further analysis in a web frontend. The results of the analysis can then be used to further improve the user experience of emporiaSMART.