In an ongoing follow-up activity for the R&D project AUToMAte, our project partners of the Campus Steyr of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria conduct usability tests for the user experience design company ILLUSTREE Great User Experiences GmbH. The tests are focused on evaluating gaze behavior using the SMI Eye Tracking Glasses, both in mobile and stationary settings. A combination of think aloud methods and eye tracking is used for the tests. The eye tracking data is analyzed using scanpaths (showing fixation points and saccades over time) and heatmaps (showing aggregated fixation densities of several individuals). Applications of ILLUSTREE’s customers were tested on several different platforms including smartphones, (non-interactive) public displays and stationary terminals (wall-mounted tablets). The smartphone app has already been improved in several iterations based on the results of completed test runs. We also investigate the integration of eye tracking in future version of our software toolkit for tracking and analyzing mobile device usage which is being developed in the AUToMAte project.