The (German) website for the project LEEFF (Low Emission Electric Freight Fleets) is now online at In this project, an advanced electric vehicle above 3,5t (eVan) together with an adapted battery and a smart charging station for commercial use at logistical hubs will be developed and an innovative business model for fleet operators together with adapted planning and communication tools will be realized as a prototype. The overall project goal is a cost neutral execution strategy for fleet operators and providers to position electric vehicles as an acceptable substitute to classical diesel powered vehicles.

One part of the project we are concerned with is a mobile communication app for the dynamic processing of data. Telematic data and driver behaviour will be transferred and processed on the platform and necessary information can be taken out by the driver on the mobile device, like route, customer, vehicle and charging information. This application will also provide a direct link to dispatchers and receivers to be able to adapt to unpredictable situations like traffic jams or last minute order changes.