The project DiCoIN has the goal of a large-scale digitization of industrial value chains. This primarily contains more intensive data and information exchange among the involved actors in the network – the industrial companies, their suppliers and the transport partners. The coordination of such networks is a non-trivial task, since material requirements, delivery times and availability as well as transport capacities have to be reconciled with one another, with the aim of ensuring the individual process reliability despite frequent disturbances and bottlenecks. Goal of the project is the development of a digitized material preparation process where the human actor, if at all, should only intervene in the process on the basis of “management-by-exception”. The quality assurance will be supported multimedially, e.g. to enable the processing of complaints with a smartphone app.

Duration: 10/2017 – 03/2019

Funding: Innovatives OÖ 2020 – Digitalisierung, FFG

Role: Project partner